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Activities, Sports and Trekking in North Evia

The northern region of Evia, and Rovies in particular, is the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful variety of activities throughout the year. Due to the unique landscape and setting, visitors can partake in a range of sports and interesting and unique excursions. 

Below you will find some information about some of the various activities and sports you can enjoy in Rovies.


Rovies is surrounded by three big and luscious mountains, Tlethrion, Xiron Oros and Kavalaris. On those mountains you will find many natural paths ideal for trekking through the magnificent and inspiring scenery.


Route (duration) 3:30
Difficulty Rating: 1

From Rovies town we follow the road towards the Monastery of Osios David. At approximately 12km and after we have passed the monastery and the villages Paliohori, Damia, Kalamoudi and Drimonas,  we get to the waterfalls of Drimona. At the path entrance of the waterfalls there is a wooden sign of the Limni forestry. The path goes through the waterfalls and ends at the top of the mount Xiros, where you have the panoramic view of Central Evia as well as the Sporades islands of Skiathos and Skopelos. If the atmosphere is clear then you can see up to Athos peninsula.


Route (duration) 4:00
Difficulty Rating: 1

From Kastaniotissa, at the end of the main road (alt. 310 m) starts the walking trek of the wonderful mount Telethrion. After 8,2 km we reach the top of Telethrion mountain (alt. 970 m), where the chappel of Prophet Elias is found.  From here you can look towards the North Evia and the Pagasitikos Gulf. Walking SE and following the dirt track, after 6.5 km or 1,5 hrs, through the forest of Telethrion we reach Sinia (alt. 440 m), where our route ends. This route is ideal also for mountain bikes.


Route (duration) 2:00
Difficulty Rating: 1

From the village keramea we continue the asphalt road towards Agia Anna. After a route of approximately 3 km, there is a downhill dirt track (main road) on our left that leads at the entrance of the path. The dirt road is tagged with signs of white frame and red center, as well as arrows in order to avoid the entry into the wrong forest road. The path takes us to the river bed of Nileas river and few meters ahead is the Ravine of Nileas.

For someone who wants to walk through the ravine, a swimming costume is needed, because in many places you have to swim in water more of 1 m depth. The ravine – from the entrance up to the cement bridge of Amelantes – has a length of 1.400 m and it takes approx. 2 hrs to walk it through at a slow pace. From the Amelantes bridge is a uphill forest road of 2k, that leads at the area where we have left our car.

Additional info regarding the paths of Nort Evia we can find at the Mount Climbing Club of Chalkida -

Football & Basketball

Next to the Hotel Agnadi, are two public football pitches ( 5 x 5 ) and one basketball court, which visitors are welcome to use with your children or your friends and family. 



In front of the Hotel Agnadi, starts a country road that passes through an olive grove and ends at the beautiful Abouria Beach. This road is ideal for either for biking or walking. Alternatively, one more beautiful biking route, is on top of the plateau, situated after the waterfalls of Drymona. 



The Hotel Agnadi is 5 km away from the beach of Kohili ( Shell ), that during the summer is the ideal destination for the windsurfing lovers. At the bay in front of the beach, local winds ( a thermo phenomenon ) blow daily and are create the perfect setting for wind surfing. 


4x4 Routes

4x4 lovers will have the chance to cross many areas, as this is a place that has plenty special routes, through forests with rich fauna. A nice driving route is the one that starts from the coastal village of Ilia and passes over the mount Telethrion, reaching the village Sipiada. All the routes are on map. 



If you are a motor bike lover, then you are in the right place! The area’s morphology, combined with the hundreds of kilometers through rich vegetation, will fascinate you either on or off road. 

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