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Guide to North Evia


Rovies is 10 minutes drive from the head of the municipality of Elimnion, Limni. The picturesque Limni is one of the most beautiful towns of Evia and is distinguished for its architecture and its stonepaved streets. There are plenty of Byzantine and meta-Byzantine monuments spread out in Limni, as well as the small monastery of   Agios Christodoulos Patmios and the temple of Zoodohou Pigis. The folklore museum of Limni is very interesting and well worth visiting should you have the chance.

On the coast of Limni you will find plenty of meze restaurants, cafes, bars and of course a relaxing holiday atmosphere. There are cultural events that take place during the summer under the name “Elymnia”, and include theater plays, classical music nights, modern and folklore music, shows, athletic events and more.



The beautiful region of Edipsos has been well known since ancient times for its hot springs and natural spa waters. In modern times has become a cosmopolitan tourist resort and is a beautiful place to visit when you are travelling around the island of Evia.


Drymonas Waterfall

In Rovies, there are many magical and beautiful sites, one of which is the park with Drymonas Waterfalls, which is situated 15 km. from Rovies and 2 km from the village Drymona.

There is a path, designed by the forest authorities, where the bridges that are found here are made by forest materials. The forest’s plantation is very rich and there are many pine trees, fir trees, oaks and others. It is here that you will find the water fall, that flows into a small lake.

The river Sipias creates a magical scenery, that combines relaxation and tranquility. At the wider point of the path, you will find the forest kiosk that has an interesting exhibition of local plants, fauna and fossils.

From the water fall point, two natural paths are found, one leading to the top of the mountain Xiro Oros and the other to the monastery of Osios David. If you follow the first path, after a distance of 4,5 km. you will reach the top of the mountain, where you will find an old volcano, which according the forest authorities’s information, is still active.


Focilised Forest of Kerasia – Fossilised Wild Life Museum

This is a fossilized forest, near the village of Kerasia, on the road Kerasia – Istiea, and is 30 minutes away from Rovies. In this area, excavations that took place discovered many paleontological fauna and wild life findings. Studies on the findings, contributing that the findings are between 10 – 25 million years old.

This forest is a unique natural monument, that is very interesting, as is one of the richest fossilized forests in Greece and in Europe. It stretches between the villages of Kerasia – Agia Anna – Papades. The fossilized tree trunk findings in the whole area, are exceptional rare and highly interesting.

The wild life in this area, used to be Maherodontes ( big cats such lions ), Elladothiria ( giraffes with short necks ) and Halikothiria. Other animals that used to live here included elephants, hipparia ( small horses ), and Ihthiria ( ancestor of hyenas ).

One finding of a rhino scull with two horns, is a very rare and unique finding, proving the variety of wild life in this area. For the last few years in the village Kerasia, a museum of fossilized mammals has been operating, providing visitors with a fascinating insight into the interesting history of the region.


Kalamoudi - Damia - Drymona

Those villages are ideal for a nice excursion through beautiful sceneries. There are many traditional tavernas with BBQ and local traditional specialities ( such as rooster casserole, baked or fried pies and bread ( tiganokouloures ) and many other tasty and interesting cuisine.



Ilia is a traditional and picturesque fishing village, with tranquil atmosphere. Here you will find many fish tavernas, with fresh fish and local specialties.


Agia Anna

Agia Anna is located 25km from Mantoudi. The main settlement is built on a hillside amphitheater with views to the Aegean Sea to the east. The Agali Beach is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of Evia.



Lihadonisia is a small group of beautiful little islands that are located in North Evia, opposite the coastal resort of Kamena Vourla on the mainland. These islands are very beautiful and have amazing blue turquoise waters where you can enjoy swimming and relaxation.

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