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Do not forget to taste the unique flavors of homemade delicious cuisine the Agnadi that thapogeiosoun your palate and will surprise you pleasantly.

Fresh fish from the island of Evia and the Aegean, Organic olive oil, fresh eggs from our henhouse and mainly organic vegetables from the garden of Agnanti are the basis for the preparation of unique recipes of our cuisine.

Traditionally cooked as Filled, Veal with handmade noodles from the local cooperative, Coq au vin, chickpeas in a pot, our unique handmade tyropitari traditional Ntomatotyropsomo Agnadi in clay are some of them served in the Agnadi made with great care and the most pure natural ingredients.



Start your day enjoying the rich and delicious daily set breakfast, we prepare for you.

Delicious homemade jams from different kinds of fruit pies with handmade always sex, cheese pie with fresh cheese and milk, milk pie, triangles vegetables, traditional patty with spinach.

Our desserts every day and different, delicious portokalopita, syrupy cakes, traditional donuts, katimeria with lots of cinnamon and sugar are some of those made in our kitchen.

There will borysa to miss the baked our bread and whole, ladopsomo, moschomyrista buns, all made with great care and love from Chryssoula and cook the Agnanti.


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Agnadi Hotel
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Rovies - Euböa - Griechenland

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