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4 Jahreszeiten - Nord Euböa


During Christmas time, the hotel is decorated and the fireplaces roaring ready to warm and give pleasure to our guests.


Clean Monday

During the Greek Halloween at the village’s square a big party takes place and “the Koulouma” tradition with kites and fasting food is taking place at Heracles beach.


1st May

Join the May 1st celebrations at the waterfall of Drimonas and enjoy the beautiful nature and scenery.


Easter in Rovies

At Easter the traditional roasting of the lamb takes place at the hotel’s yard.


Saint Petrou and Paul Celebration

28-29 of June at the central square of the village.


Festival of Traditional Dances in Rovies in July

Throughout the summer many activities take place such as cultural events, musical nights, exhibitions, interesting lectures by distinguished speakers, festivals with traditional dance and the peak of all these is the Nautical night at Limni, on the 15th of August.


Festival of Olive in August

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Agnadi Hotel
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